Facebook Search Bar Features

funny-facebook-quotes1The search bar located near the top of the screen when you sign into your Facebook account can do more than you might realize. Not only does it let you enter keywords to locate your old Facebook posts—it’s also a good way to…

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Is Facebook Spying on You?

tutu55 (sxc.hu)

tutu55 (sxc.hu)

UPDATE – July 3, 2014

Facebook is not only spying on you—it is intentionally experimenting with your emotions, the social-media giant recently confirmed. In one experiment, Facebook manipulated the news feeds of nearly 700,000 users to study how a steady diet of positive content or negative content would affect their online behavior. The study found that Facebook users who were exposed to increased negative content were more likely to post negative updates…and vice versa.

Six ways your privacy could be compromised

A billion people worldwide use Facebook to share details of their lives with their friends. Trouble is, they also might be unintentionally divulging matters they consider private—to friends…coworkers, clients and employers…marketing companies…and even to competitors, scammers and identity thieves.

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Facebook Posts Can Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Next Job

013_social-media-collageIt is well-documented that poor use of social media can derail careers. However, it’s just as likely that social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn could help you land your next job.

A 2013 study by the recruiting technology company Jobvite found that 94% of employers use or plan to use social networks as part of their hiring process. Some employers use social-media tools to locate candidates worth calling in for interviews, and others use them to weed out applicants who seem unprofessional or otherwise problematic. With dozens of qualified job hunters applying for most openings these days, employers often search for any excuse to remove candidates from contention.

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Facebook – Are they Really your Friend?

Michal Zacharzewski, SXC


Facebook, which started as a playground for Ivy League college kids, has now captivated the adult market — by which I don’t mean anything off color! The social network has literally changed our ability to connect with others wherever they might be, and people over age 50 are now the fastest-growing category of users, representing 42% according to recent Pew research. It’s easy to see why. For example, I have a friend who was worried about a former neighbor now living in the Middle East, but she had no contact information. Her teenage daughter suggested Facebook, and in less than a minute, my friend had located the woman… within 10 minutes, she learned that her friend was fine… and a half-hour later, the two were “chatting” and enjoying looking at one another’s photos from the holidays and recent family vacations!

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