Facebook Search Bar Features

funny-facebook-quotes1The search bar located near the top of the screen when you sign into your Facebook account can do more than you might realize. Not only does it let you enter keywords to locate your old Facebook posts—it’s also a good way to…

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Facebook – Are they Really your Friend?

Michal Zacharzewski, SXC


Facebook, which started as a playground for Ivy League college kids, has now captivated the adult market — by which I don’t mean anything off color! The social network has literally changed our ability to connect with others wherever they might be, and people over age 50 are now the fastest-growing category of users, representing 42% according to recent Pew research. It’s easy to see why. For example, I have a friend who was worried about a former neighbor now living in the Middle East, but she had no contact information. Her teenage daughter suggested Facebook, and in less than a minute, my friend had located the woman… within 10 minutes, she learned that her friend was fine… and a half-hour later, the two were “chatting” and enjoying looking at one another’s photos from the holidays and recent family vacations!

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