Three Facebook Scams

ap_facebook_dislike_kb_141212_31x13_1600Social Media scans are nothing new, but right now there are three specific Facebook scams that are spreading like wildfire!

For cyber criminals, what’s the easiest way to reach the most people with one scam? Facebook. With more than a billion users, Facebook has become an easy way for scammers to rip off as many people as possible at once — and in a variety of different ways.

Here’s how to spot some big scams that are making the rounds and how to protect yourself.

Three Facebook scams to watch out for

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Facebook Search Bar Features

funny-facebook-quotes1The search bar located near the top of the screen when you sign into your Facebook account can do more than you might realize. Not only does it let you enter keywords to locate your old Facebook posts—it’s also a good way to…

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Food Does Not Taste as Good as it Used To


Wondering why you can’t re-create the wonderful flavor of your mother’s chicken recipe? It isn’t your fault—it’s the chicken’s.

Most meats and vegetables and some fruits have significantly less flavor than they did decades ago. Chicken has become especially bland—it has almost no flavor now.

Agricultural companies and large-scale farms strive to produce as much food as possible as quickly and inexpensively as possible—even if that means sacrificing flavor. That has resulted in big savings for consumers—the typical five-pound supermarket chicken now costs around $7, for example, less than one-quarter of what it would have cost in 1948 after adjusting for inflation—but it also explains why today’s food lacks flavor. Modern chickens are…

Fed inexpensive but bland feed. Bland feed—typically a blend of seeds—produces bland meat.

 Butchered very young. Meat from young animals is less flavorful than meat from mature ones.

Bred to be plump, not tasty. Today’s chickens don’t even look like the chickens of the past—their breasts are much larger.

The story is similar with other animals and crops. Pigs are 25% younger when slaughtered than they were in 1948, yet also 25% larger…beef cows are 50% younger but produce 60% more meat…hens lay twice as many eggs. All of the food from these animals is bland. Meanwhile, one acre of American farmland produces three times as much rice…four times as much corn…two-and-a-half times as much wheat…and five-and-a-half times as many strawberries.


Eating bland food isn’t just less enjoyable, it’s also less healthful. There’s a reason that nutritious meat, vegetables and fruits taste so good to us—our bodies are sending us the message that these foods contain beneficial vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Today’s foods don’t taste as good largely because they contain fewer of these things.

Example: A study published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2004 found that an assortment of 43 garden crops—39 vegetables, strawberries and three melons—contained 20% less vitamin A and 15% less vitamin C than the same crops grown in the 1950s.

The declining flavor and nutritional content of meats, vegetables and fruits are likely part of the reason why an increasing percentage of Americans are overweight. We must eat more of these foods to get the same nutritional
content…we often cover these bland foods in high-fat and/or high-calorie sauces to give them flavor…and we resort to eating unhealthful processed foods that feature artificial flavors to find the flavor that’s now missing from “real foods” such as meats, vegetables and fruits.


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Alternative to Obamacare

arroclint (

arroclint (

If It Works for You?

The new Obamacare insurance marketplaces are getting lots of attention—much of it negative—but for many individuals, they are not the only option for finding health insurance coverage.

Many people don’t know that people without access to Medicare or an employer insurance plan can choose to skip the government-run marketplaces and buy their health coverage ­directly through insurance companies, brokers or agents instead (except for residents of Vermont and Washington, DC, where buying new policies outside the Obamacare marketplaces is not an option). To investigate policies available outside the marketplaces, contact insurance companies, brokers or agents and ask them if they have policies available that are not available through a government marketplace.

Even easier: Visit ­insurance shopping sites such as or to find plans from many providers, including plans and even providers not listed in the Obamacare marketplace in your state.

Buying outside the marketplaces might expand the range of policies available but might increase costs, perhaps dramatically, when you consider the subsidies available inside the marketplaces.

Still, the availability of additional ­options outside the marketplaces could be welcome news for many. That includes some of the millions of Americans whose insurers have canceled their old plans, explaining that those plans don’t meet the new government requirements. The insurers have offered to replace the old policies with new ones, but many of those new ones carry higher ­premiums. What you need to know… Read the rest of this entry »

Most Adults Don’t Recognize a Drowning Child | Smart News

Most Adults Don’t Recognize a Drowning Child | Smart News.

Walking is the Best Exercise of All

tijmen (

tijmen (

Why Walking Is the #1 Way to Exercise
Today, I will tell you why you unequivocally, irrefutably do not have to exercise like a maniac to achieve amazing results.

Why do I feel compelled to share this message? Because I’ve noticed that more and more people seem to be doing hard-core workouts these days.

I have several friends, for example, who have recently signed up for CrossFit or other “boot camp” style exercise programs.

There also seem to be more infomercials on TV for extreme workout regimens such as P90X, the program made famous by vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan last summer, and the INSANITY workout, which is so hard to do, its creators say, that it will “push you past your limits.”

Even on the TV show The Biggest Loser, the trainers have the contestants working out to the point that they’re literally falling off treadmills.

But is it really necessary to exert yourself in such an intense way to greatly improve your health and fitness? I think many people believe that the answer is yes—and for this reason, these people don’t exercise.

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How to Stay Together Forever: Advice from Couples Who Split Up

duchesssa (

duchesssa (

If you want your marriage to succeed, it pays to know why other marriages fail. I have tracked 373 married couples for the past 26 years as part of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. The goal was to investigate how marriages really work over the long term—but many marriages don’t work, at least not forever. Of those 373 couples, 46% have divorced, roughly in line with national averages.

What went wrong in those failed marriages? And what would those divorced people do differently if they could start over again? When I put those questions to my study participants, key trends emerged. Surprising: Sex was not a major issue when it came to what divorced people said they would “change” if they could start over again. And it wasn’t a key predictor of divorce over time in my study. Read the rest of this entry »