A Dangerous Game Kids Play

Several years ago, when I first heard about “the choking game” that both young children and teens were playing, it was terrifying. It didn’t involve drugs, alcohol or any other hard-to-get illegal substances—all a kid needed was a pair of hands. Yet this “game” could lead to serious consequences, such as seizure and death.

That’s why I was disheartened to see a recent headline announcing that more kids have been playing it in recent years than I even imagined.

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The Six Steps of Handwashing

tdnb (sxc.hu)

The Scrub Club is an animated website to teach children the importance of hand washing.  These are their six steps to proper hand washing.  Each step is represented by a hero. 

Step 1: Wash with warm water. “Hot Shot” and “Chill” turn into hot and cold faucets and then combine to make the warm water essential for proper hand washing.

Step 2: Apply soap — bar or pump are both fine. “Squeaks” can transform into various forms of soap, from bars of all sizes to pumps of all kinds.

Step 3: Wash for a full 20 seconds, rubbing hands together to lather soap. “Taki” becomes a clock that counts down the required 20 seconds for thorough hand washing.

Step 4: Clean around your fingernails, using a nail brush if you have one. “Scruff” reminds kids that hands aren’t clean until the nails are clean.

Step 5: Rinse away soap with warm water. “Tank” turns into a sink and serves as a reminder to rinse away germs.

Step 6: Dry with paper towels or warm air dryer. “P.T.” transforms herself into paper towels.

 The site also has games, songs, and a cast of villians that make the site a fun place to visit.



Chilling Out With Colds

davidlat (sxc.hu)

You wake up in a cranky mood. Your head hurts. You don’t have the energy to even get out of bed.  And you can’t breathe out of your nose.  What’s wrong?  You have a cold!

Having a cold is the number-one reason kids visit the doctor and stay home from school.  Kids get up to eight colds per year with each cold lasting an average of 5 to 7 days.  Let’s find out more about them.

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