Happy 50th Birthday to the Microwave


The home microwave oven turned 50 in 2017. Here are some tidbits you may not know about this cooking contraption—now found in more than 90 percent of American homes—gleaned from an article written by an associate professor of radiation medicine at Georgetown University and other sources:


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Hidden Mold on Your Food

moldProtect Yourself from Invisible Mold on Food

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Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

SWEET-No_White_BackgroundWe all know that getting too much added sugar carries a slew of health risks—from weight gain and heart disease to diabetes and obesity-linked cancers.

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Dangerous Food Additives That Sound Safe

A bottle of Gatorade sounded like the perfect thirst quencher to 15-year-old Sarah Kavanagh on a hot, humid day in her Mississippi hometown. But this teenager, a committed label-reader, was surprised to learn from an Internet search that the popular sports drink contained brominated vegetable oil, an ingredient that comes with a long list of possible side effects, including changes in thyroid hormones and function and neurological disorders.

The additive, used in some citrus-flavored drinks to keep the fruit flavoring evenly distributed, does not sound ominous—how bad could it be with “vegetable” in the name? But Kavanagh, whose story was told in The New York Times, had done her research and started a petition to convince Gatorade-maker PepsiCo to change the drink’s formulation.

Other food additives (some even healthy-sounding) that are bad for us—along with some scary-sounding additives that are good for us.*

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Good Cooks Make Mistakes Sometimes

julosstock (sxc.hu)

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Eat Your Eggs

pablopi (sxc.hu)

The New Way to Think About Eggs

In the past, people were warned not to eat eggs every day due to concerns about cholesterol and heart health — but that has changed.

Recent finding:

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Your Filthy Grill

klsa12 (sxc.hu)

Grilling can be messy business, and grill cleaning often is neglected. That’s unfortunate, because conscientious grill care improves the taste of grilled foods — grills coated with baked-on grease and grime impart unpleasant flavors — and dirty grills tend to break down faster as parts clog and corrode. They even can be safety risks. Accumulated grease suddenly can ignite, burning anyone standing nearby.

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