What Really Determines a Good Credit Score

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Almost 60% of people don’t know what determines a credit score.

What people think matters:

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The Best Credit Cards of 2012

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Credit card issuers have been rolling out an array of attractive incentives to get consumers to choose and use their cards. That’s partly because credit cards still are very profitable for the issuers despite new federal regulations that try to protect consumers from credit card issuers’ worst practices, such as imposing harsh penalties for late payments and jacking interest rates way up. The incentives include cash bonuses of as much as $300 to sign up for cards with rewards programs that offer as much as 5% cash back.

Caution: Many of the best credit card offers are available only to consumers who have very good credit scores. If your credit score is below the mid-700s, your options for a new card will be more limited, but there still are some good ones available.

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