Free Wi-Fi Connection May Be a Trap

Some Free Wi-Fi Connections Are Traps


Crooks steal information from people who sign onto these illegitimate networks, called honey pots, which are found at airports, restaurants and other public places. Account information, passwords and anything else typed to gain access to Web sites can be stolen by the honey pot operator, as well as anything stored on the computer’s hard drive.
When using free Wi-Fi service: Limit your activities to ones that do not involve your personal or financial information, such as reading the news and watching videos.
Source: Craig Crossman, technology columnist, McClatchy-Tribune newspapers, Asheville, North Carolina, and host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show Computer America.

2 Comments on “Free Wi-Fi Connection May Be a Trap”

  1. Francesca says:

    Didn’t know that! Thanks!

  2. DYKT? says:

    That the purpose of my posting — awareness. Glad that I am accomplishing that. You are welcomed, and I am glad you dropped by.

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