Who’s Tapping into my Cell Phone?

YOdesigner (sxc.hu)

Spyware for cell phones can be used to tap someone’s calls, follow his/her movements and read his text messages. Cell-phone spy software is illegal in the US but is sold by overseas companies.

Signs that your phone may be bugged: The battery is warm even when the phone has not been used… the phone lights up even when not in use… you hear a beep or click while talking.
Self-defense: Keep your phone close at all times so that no one can load anything onto it. Install a security password — this usually can be enabled under “Settings” in the main menu. Consider using a simple, low-end phone — they are less vulnerable to spy software than sophisticated handsets that include Internet access.

Source:  Richard Mislan, former military intelligence officer who teaches cyber forensics in the department of computer and information technology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

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