San Diegans Can’t Drive in the Rain?

bthomsen13 (

Originally Post on December 12, 2009

Yes, it’s true.  CHP says that on a normal day in SD County there are between 50 and 75 accidents.  On Monday there were 476!

  • When it is raining, you should drive the speed limit or slower.  As your visibility decreases, so should your speed.  (San Diegans are slow learners.)
  • Hydroplaning (car’s wheels skidding on top of water) is the #1 reason for accidents when it is raining.  You can avoid this by slowing down and not making any quick lane changes.  Also, drive in the middle lanes.  The outside lanes have more puddles because of lower drainage.
  • If you are in a spin, don’t brake.  Remember “lightly” and “slightly”.  Tap the brakes lightly and turn slightly into the spin.  You want your tires to stop skidding.
  • In good weather you’re supposed to leave a car length for every 10 miles of  speed limit (ha, ha!  Who does this?).  When it rains you should double that.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated with enough tread.  You may hydroplane if they have too much air.  Have your windshield wipers in good working order.  Did you know that it is state law that if you are using your windshield wipers, your head lights must be turned on also?

(Source: Automobile Club of So. California’s Automotive Research Ctr.)

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